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Whimsical Notations
Whimsical notations
Process in past tense
Manifest in quotation
“I loved you”
“I let you go”
Regrets regrets regrets
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 2 6
cAMP Inhibition
cAMP inhibition, gut ambitions surface (as)
Weary nostalgia (creates)
Insomniac condition (manifests)
Emerging renditions of manic expression (force)
Open my soul to my mind...
(weary weary weary, what makes me so sad and dreary?)
And my mind tries to ignore (ignore ignore, forget!)
What else can be done when your soul disregards (how can I forget?)
The past and its consequence (I can't forget...)
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 4 4
Lethargic Leaves
Imagine a musty darkened world, rotting leaves spread every which way. Knee deep, I wade through the decay, mind clogged, heart weary, soul heavy. All I want is a taste of fresh air. Every breath brings in the stink of death, and I’m tired of it. I’ve grown lethargic, and this landscape is only the reflection of my mind.
You’re voice rings in my head, and all I can hear is your soft tones. All I want is you. Looking down at my feet, I see a glisten through the decay, and at that moment I know. Break through the lethargy and I’ll find your beautiful face. Long forgotten energy starts to flow through my veins, and I see possibility once again.
I raise my hand, fingers clenched into a fist, and up from above comes a comforting shadow. Above me is a giant fist, a mirror image, an immense doppelganger. For the first time in a long time, a smile crawls up my face.
Fist to floor, fingers extend, and the doppelganger follows. Flesh touches leaves, and then they fly. 
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 2 6
Mature content
Resentment :iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 1 5
My Reason
The earth which was once full of life, excitement, and bright colors seems to have lost its core, it reeks of lack luster, an eyesore and cold to the touch; perhaps in the fury of expression the human race spread its wings too fast, too furiously, forgetting that the wings were not their own but a gift from heaven, manna from the gods, which were given to them on good faith, with the hope that these simple creatures could arise to clandestine heights, unfettered by the clutches of inferior intelligence, yet the gods did not realize the mistake they had made, for with this intelligence came the fucked up belief that mankind was doomed to fail, that sooner or later hatred, greed or jealousy would catch up and screw everyone over, hell if not those of malicious intent, then sheer circumstance would get in the way, thwarting man from ever reaching its height, for man had indeed forgotten that life itself is a precious gift and small moments of happiness should be held ideal, because if tho
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 1 5
Cold Toes
He said,
"May I be so bold as to inquire,
What it is that you require?"
Now... This man I do admire,
Who so boldly inquires
What my heart desires.
I'd like some socks please! :D
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 0 10
Ultimate decay of hope. That’s what they call it. They say that life hasn’t been the same since it came about. And they know what they are talking about. Who the fuck is they anyways?
I just call it the fat ass party pooper. Or sometimes Charles. Just Charles. Calling it (well you could say “him”) anything else just seems superfluous. Like that Harry Potter He-who-must-not-be-named-this-is-freakin-long type of deal. Charles here is the shit-stain on a fat man’s panties.
Ew. Gross.
Anyways, Charles is probably liked by most; they call him “Char Char” for short. I know right? “Char Char” is damn retarded. Stupid stupid people. His nick name is fucking longer than his actual. Idiots.
Confused? Explanation. Ok so I lied a bit. I’m the only person that knows Charles for what he really is. (I guess I’d be the “they” then eh?) He’s the party pooping, hope decaying, attention stealing baby. Yeah… a baby.
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 0 10
Thank You
I try not to judge you
But I know you judge me
And to be honest
I play off like I don’t give a damn
But I do.
I really do.
You mean a lot to me
And I see that now
I used to fight it
Thinking I was alone
But I see you now.
I really do.
I got over myself, and gave you a chance
You came through for me, honestly
And you helped me become more
So much more than I would have been alone
Thank you.
For everything you’ve done, I love you.
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 1 10
Dev Id 2 Fire by EmpathyFlux Dev Id 2 Fire :iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 0 0
The Natural Flow of a Writer
From our minds flow…
… ideas, back to back, again and again. Ideas so fleeting, so voluminous, that trying to catch them all would be futile, but still we try. Our hearts ache, watching these dreams fly by, reaching out to find nothing, constantly wondering what could have been. Finally one falls into our hands, our fingers tingle with anticipation, a purpose, a goal. Perhaps to let others know our story, or maybe just the act of recording in protest of the bitterly short time we are given, to live on past our bodies as something more. At these times anything seems possible, all roads are the ones less taken, and anything can make all the difference, so we grab our pencils…
And from our pencils flow…
… words that we never did imagine, words falling swiftly down the arm, spilling over each other to be imprinted in false timelessness. The force, staggering, the flow unending, uncontrollable, unstoppable and still, unable to quench the thirst, the thirst to go on
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 7 22
Patience through Pain
The pain
I don’t need to go through this
I could choose another path
But this is what I was born to do
To fight
Everyday more bruises, cuts, and scars
I never stop, never let up
The pain… it’s euphoric
Filling my body, from head to toe
Yet I never lose my focus
It’s a way of life
Hell that’s what the –do means at the end
Once you live it, you can’t go back
Endurance, live through the hits
I lived through the ones before, I’ll live through any that come
The pain is encasing
It takes over, and if you let it will run you
Don’t ignore it
Don’t fight it
Accept it, make it a part of your life
And move on
That’s the trick see
Blows hurt as much as you let them
Fear of the abstract increase the pain of the physical
Don’t fear the pain, accept it
So punch me
Kick me, cut me
I’ll take all you have to give
And then I’ll pay you back ten-fold
Patience is the key
Endure to the limit
Then release
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 2 7
Search for Home
She walks                   |         He walks
alone                          |         alone
forever seeking          |         never needing
a home.                      |         a home.
She's gone from here |         Hes been there
to there                      |  &
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 2 10
Bitter Goodbye
A smile on my lips
A tear in my eye
My hands on your hips
Oh god don’t cry
I have to stay strong
You're breaking at your base
I know this is wrong
Your losing your grace…
I can see it in your face.
Your hands grip me tight
Putting up a fight
Trying to make this right
Oh my love, my love…
This is goodbye…
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 4 25
From the Departed
Lament young one, cry for your loss.
Run away little one, go find your precious mum.
I? I will not cry. I will not run.
I have done my share, so flee, child, be gone.
Live in bliss, ignorant to truth
One day you will know pain
One day you will know love
And you will never be the same
Dance young one, bask in all that you have
Laugh little one, you know not…
I? I danced and danced, now my legs have grown weary
I laughed, oh! How I laughed! Yet you would not understand.
Be excited! There is much yet to come
Feelings you would never expect
Realities you could never dream
And after the pain
After the love
You will know me, and we will be as one
And together we will laugh!
Oh how joyful it will be!
For we will have known pain, and through it we became stronger
And together we will dance!
Dance till we cannot stand
For we will have known love, and how can one know something so pure and not dance?
While you laugh, I will cry
Cry for your joy, for your happiness
While you da
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 3 11
Who, indeed, are you?
Dreaming while I’m awake
You follow in their wake
Who are you?
To be honest I am quite okay
Going on day by day
Being alone is not so bad
I have friends to keep me glad
Still I ponder
While you tear my heart asunder
Who, indeed, are you?
Not a body, not a face
Just an imprint of grace
You ice cold lich
Hoodwinking me, you witch
You crazy crazy bitch,
Who the hell are you?
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 2 15
Last Night at Tech
My last night at Tech, at least for this year. As I lay in bed I thought of everything that had happened this year and realized I was not quite ready to have it end. So I decided to take a walk. I went to DX with the intention of grabbing some food and eating it in some dark corner of the drill field. Unfortunately for me, I forgot about all of those people who love to get drunk on campus. The drill field, though mostly empty, was not the quite place I wanted to be in, so I continued to walk. Eventually I reached the pyramids of the engineering building outside of Johnston, and there I sat nursing my chicken. The silver rays of moonlight flashed through the clouds, reflecting off of the glass pyramids. I could see a few late night kids still hard at work in the windows of the science/engineering hall.  As I sat there munching on chicken, my mind wandered toward the metaphysical. Questions like what is life and what is sorrow teased my thoughts. I sat there for quite some time
:iconempathyflux:EmpathyFlux 3 10

Random Favourites

               “He’s such a freak.”
We’re at the lunch table. A simple booth. Blue, white, and stuck with gum.
The girl across the way from me laughs hysterically.
“He kinda looks like Shrek,” she offers to the shit pile.
I have to agree, he does, but I find myself unable to say anything.
“Come on, Britt. Don’t you think so—?”
“He’s only ever been nice to me.”
It’s more than I can say for a lot of people . . . Almost more than I can say for the girl across the way.
I remember the day when I just got out of practice and was shivering in the rain waiting for my ride. I don’t carry an umbrella; I'd rather feel the rain than withdraw to shelter; but the day after practice wasn’t appropriate for anything except ducking through to get in a car.
It was one of those days where you
:iconpsychedelic-joi:Psychedelic-joi 3 8
Never enough
I'm NEVER enough!
I'll never be enough for the few
Each time I try and each success
Is only as good as second best
I'll never find my way it seems
Not with them or with my dreams
I see things for myself that I
Cannot explain and with each cry
For lost love of people I trusted
I feel that my need for them has rusted
I'll slam my head against the wall
Each time I try to speak
They take my words and wrap them around little fingers
I'm done with being meek
That icy him
And hothead her
Can chastise me
And then infer
That I don't love them anymore
And they might just
Be right
I'm tired of not being
:iconpsychedelic-joi:Psychedelic-joi 3 7
For a Friend
If ever there was a stain on a man
And the woman could see it clearly through
I'd say that the stain was one of deceit
And I'd say that stain was stuck on YOU.
If ever the world said that they didn't know
What a man was really like
They'd wait till the moment that he did wrong
And spin on sharp heels and bark with delight . . .
Everyone's an animal.
They wait till the moment you're flat on your face
And sit and plot with trembling delight
Because it's all over; you're in your worst place
Sometimes it's hopeless to put up a fight.
But everyone sometime meets one who's not
A beastie with blood stained all over their hands
A person who sees you for what you've become
Not who you were at the time of the stand.
Sometimes standing up means falling down.
But sometimes you get lucky
And find someone
To catch
:iconpsychedelic-joi:Psychedelic-joi 3 9
       I've been writing fragments lately. Nothing profound; mere literary tidbits jotted down as they surge. Haikus, paragraphs, instant messaging musings. The topics are varied; voice and style, delightfully inconstant. Said drabbles coincide only in being unprofound; quintessentially inane and of no remarkable consequence.
       But shuffling across and thinking through my recent grammatical smorgasbord, I've accumulated the speculation that perhaps all literature—even the distinguished specimens: The Iliad, Don Quixote, The Hobbit—may simply be sources of intellectual snacking for the quicker of wit. The delicate process of composition, storytelling, characterization, may be the mere by-product of the real mystery. An aesthetic side effect of imaginative lying. The actual beauty of it might lie submerged, its art composed by its mechanisms.
       A controlled secreti
:iconalimari:Alimari 2 10
The Flaw with Aparation by B1nd1 The Flaw with Aparation :iconb1nd1:B1nd1 9,181 1,655
fiery addiction
I’m going into shock, nothing is working anywhere.
My body won’t move, though I try to push away
From that bright, hot, embracing fire.
The flames have wrapped themselves around my body;
They pin my arms to my sides, then grab my hands
When I lift them up to break away.
My nerves in my fingers are dead, they no longer feel the pain.
When they move of their own will, I am shocked to see them
Rise up slowly, welcoming the fire.
I am trapped and scared, like a mouse before a snake.
I stare into its eyes, and the fire snakes in
Closer to my face, utterly dominant.
The fangs strike then, sinking poison into me;
Poison and flames together, burning up my face
And blinding me, the light is so bright.
Eventually the pain leaves, and I find myself scarred.
Like an addiction, my body wants more
Of what hurts me, and will ruin me.
I try to fight my body, but my will is too weak.
I cry alone in my darkness, but my body goes back
To that other person, kisses her again.
I don’t like pe
:icongothiclolitaboy:gothiclolitaboy 2 5
Hogwarts: Behind the Magic by caycowa Hogwarts: Behind the Magic :iconcaycowa:caycowa 1,116 269 Satyr by DanielaUhlig Satyr :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 8,998 684
Your violin, your instrument, with temperament as fine
as fine blue cushions in my case, a snugged, closed embrace
replace me when you will but keep my music with you,
spinning in your head my heart will play for you again
Gluttonous of notes, I hope you do not weep for me,
with elbow on my heartstrings and interrupting melody,
Pluck my strings, this hollow sound dinning out of me,
the poise and smoothness of my handle, of my waxen brow
Awaiting the soft intention of the muscian’s fingering,
Coaxing sweet intention, not given but elicited from me
Humming lovely, strings unslack, highly polished, ivory black,
Truth desire something more - than violin: an orchestra
:iconehb:EHB 1 8
A Walk With the Dead
     Your remains were found by the highway. First on the scene were the vultures, one was picking at your eyes when I arrived. The silence of your scene was deafening, and I became overwhelmed. Your wounds screamed suicide, my heart echoed regret. I hadn't gotten out of bed since you went missing. You'd broken my heart the last time we spoke.
I got the call at 6am, they wanted me to ID you. Sickening isn't the word, it wasn't you I identified, but a rotting corpse that once held your soul - and incidentally my world. In my heart I guess I believed that the earth would stop spinning, or that everything around me would crumble. When nothing happened, I dropped to my knees and took your hand into mine. I spoke softly to you, something I rarely did. You listened to every word I said, every apology I uttered... Nothing brought you back. No words could make you smile again.
Your stiff stillness eventually got too much f
:iconlexistance:lexistance 1 5
It comes in waves, and resembles panic. It grabs my lungs and squeezes. A slow heartburn that has been building all day, finally coming to rest in the center of my chest and mind. "Selfish, stupid whore! You don't deserve what you crave." it screams. The tears arrive, my heart quickens and the breathing nearly stops. It's raw desperation, and I won't allow myself to move.
:iconlexistance:lexistance 1 2
UDON's Art of Capcom by UdonCrew UDON's Art of Capcom :iconudoncrew:UdonCrew 8,504 676
'The Necklace'
You walk down the street, your hand in your pocket. Feeling the three hundred dollars you just made, no thought except for what you'll do with it all.
Sellout. You deserve what's coming.
The sun's finally calling it a day—it's been one hell of a long one for you—as it lowers itself past the towering buildings. Glowing dimmer while its colors change. Yellows, oranges, reds. Descending into the darker hues of twilight. Deep reds streaking the night sky, like blood on asphalt pouring out endlessly from his side. Slowly soaking the soles of your shoes as you stare in shock…
Your hand reaches for your neck, in order to touch the necklace you wear. The one that you mindlessly count the beads on—all thirty-two of them. The one that your brother was wearing when he woke that morning. The one he'll never wear again.
A few feet ahead, the blaring of a truck’s horn brings you back to the streets, out of your spiraling thoughts. You stop so as to not get run over while at
:iconmystal:Mystal 2 7
Go with the flow
I don’t like to think about stuff very much, I
just like to go with the flow. But the flow, though
natural           isn’t always  enough. There are
some-             times when you’ve got to
take                action, think about it, talk
it out.            You could just play it safe, play
shy or           timid, maybe go by instinct, intui-
tion, inclination. Sometimes you’ve got to just let
the flow go, and trust in whatever you
believe in. Be optimistic; whatever the out-
come, you’ll make due. Be general too;
life is good. It’s good because it’s full of
suffering, the abundance of which highlights
its greatness. You never kno
:iconehb:EHB 1 1
This is why it matters
It matters because I make it
It matters because it is
It is a feeling you choose to
give yourself to, in all your virginity
religiously –
So much so that you understand
Almost nothing else at all.
I hardly even understand why
this is happening between us
All I know is that we don’t touch enough
But when we do, I catch on fire
Please, touch me – won’t you touch me?
it’s an urge, it’s desire, it’s compelling
it’s warm and soft and perfect
You’re redefining a word I thought
I’d already figured out
You’re changing things dramatically
The clouds are shifting over me
I have waited patiently and
felt the climate change around me
You’re reshaping a world I
thought I’d already mapped out
:iconehb:EHB 0 8
Noyrnook I
Why am I human and not a tortoise?
Wherefore was I made such an inquisitive girl?
How is it that this star is where my feet are
closer – much closer – to what I know
Why is it that I hold within me
knowledge of things most rudimentary
Most frivolous in nature
And not the key-hole secrets of the
atoms that charge and beat against
my bosom
Why do my lips move delicately
My eyes curve deliciously
And a sultry, fluid motion waft about
my frame of mind
My skin is as cool as butterscotch
And my hair is dusty brown
Wherefore have I not taken root
in the soil
And spread my fingers wide and round?
Why is it I awaken now
Only to think of you?
To wish upon my empty hands and
snatch the feathered air
As the birds fly by my window
Why is it I won’t admit the things
that scare me, much less the
thing I want
And I never seem to do the things
I think I should.
:iconehb:EHB 0 4



United States
Current Residence: Blacksburg, VA
Personal Quote: Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.
Time is great yah? More to come!

also my new blog:

<3 cya all good!
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